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heres my gallery! if u are looking for mechas and monsters of all kinds, fan art of animes and some realistic art? then this is your thing hue! i'm doing both, traditionally and digitaly! i am no professional artist but i still hope u will enjoy my art here!

(some arts of friends are in to)

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i love random



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if you want to support my work or just wanna lose some points feel free to do so >u> huehue

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4 years on DA now huh? time flies by so fast--
reminder of my discord server owo click this link if u want to hang out with me =w=… i made a youtuube channel finally :"D i'll be uploading speedpaints there in the future and maybe some other stuff too i dont know yet xD

I'm sorry.

Wed May 24, 2017, 11:10 AM
Heya there, it's been a long while since I have been writting something here and well... I guess it would be nice to say something once in a while, since there had been several things piling up that I wanted to talk about. Please note that the following message contains heavy psychological themes, so if you are not good at handeling any kind of venting, I suggest that you refrain from reading this.


First of I apologize for the huge lack of updates on my demitale comic and all the commissions, trades and whatnot. I know a lot of you have been waiting for the next page so much to the point where a few even left. I dont blame anyone if you're getting impatient and I know it is my fault for not working on it. The huge gap of motivation to do anything did not help either... heck, I barely manage to get myself to draw at all! Most I do is a few sketches here and there and of course the things I draw in school.
But other than that...

I guess there is no truth in hiding it... I don't feel okay. There was a lot of drama in both; my family and friends in real life as well as on the internet. In fact, it's been getting so bad that often I cry myself to sleep if I am not distracted by something else. I am putting myself down over the smallest things, getting back into old bad habits like that, I am being a lot more lazy than I normally am... I don't eat properly and all in all I feel like a piece of sh*t most of the times... there is just nothing driving me do to anything anymore... Of course I got proffessional help, and I am trying my best to deal with all the sh*t that's been happening lately. I also have my friends who support me, so I know I am not alone... but I am still struggeling...

 If it wasn't such a personal thing I would tell you more about the situation but I am afraid I can't. Some of you might already know what I am talking about actually... some of you are even involved... though I won't mention any names, there is no need for that.

In any case, there had been multiple factors for me that I was being so inactive...  my growing depression being one of them... overwhelmed by social media being another... it brings good and bad stuff with it. A lot of friends I met because of it, but also a lot of drama that can evolve from the relationships... I am sometimes looking at all these people who can keep up with twitter, facebook, tumblr and maybe youtube at the same time and then here I am, barely able to keep up with one... Just, how do these people do that???

Yet another reason I wasn't working on anything was what I mentioned before: my laszyness. I can tell you, me saying that "I didn't have the time to do this or that" is most of the time a big lie. I do have time, a lot of it, but I just can't get myself to do what I am supposed to do. Sometimes still, I have a sudden spark making me so motivated I wanna draw all the commissions at the same time! But then it just ends being a blank canvas instead... (anyone familiar with that? haha) Some other times I see this list of things I have to do... but instead of slowly dealing with one after another there is just this huge wall blocking my mind entirely. So I begin to procrastinate...

Anyway what I am trying to say is, I don't have any apology for not having done the comissions or trades/collabs whatever it is I owe you and I am not trying to make one with this journal either. Making an excuse with depression, no, I came across people like that and I know how stupid that excuse is. I simply just... I just felt like I needed to let you guys know. I am still here, I won't leave, but I am not feeling well.

And of course... I'm sorry.

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So since i have been mostly drawing Demisans lately i decided to kick my butt a bit to draw the other characters as well. Now the question is, aside of Demi!Sans who do you wanna see more of? 

74 deviants said Papyrus
70 deviants said Flowey/Asriel
53 deviants said Undyne
51 deviants said Toriel/Asgore
37 deviants said Mettaton/Napstablook
29 deviants said other characters?
23 deviants said Muffet
9 deviants said Alphys


Crossoverdude's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

FREAKIN EPIC ID BY :iconpc-doodle:
HELL-OWS EVERYBODIES!! Robu 2 by Emoji-kun
My name's Sabrina but i prefer to be called Eve-chan hehe u also may call me Crosso, Chu or just dude hehe doesn't matter to me though.
i'm 18 years old and i am very happy to be here!

Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club >:3

well i'm interested in serveral things. but most of all Anime and manga! i do draw also some realistic things but basically my art is about mecha and demons or even berserkers hue AND LOTS OF UNDERTALE HAAA!! I AM OBSESSED WITH UNDERTALE!!!

Undertale - Sans by ucantw1n F2U: Papyrus pagedoll by dratinigirl

you can follow my tumblr for ma own Undertale AU right here:

I'm also an evangelion fan and
Evangelion Stamp by MochaKitsune well ya

but basicaly i'm a Mech Fan --stamp by RenaInnocenti and Metal fan stamp by deviantStamps yes i love metal but also many other kinds of music! (almost everything if i may say so)

btw Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae because RP Stamp by vidramidra BUT i have to warn you rp with me is like tearing your stomache appart XD i'm pretty much into splatter rollplays with dark story and it always end in a apocalypse! so if thats not your taste it may not work out... in that case we still can chat normally!

and what ever you do: DO NOT TAG ME ANYMORE! i don't do these i don't even look at them anymore...

btw my i use ibis paint an app for the smart phone to draw my digital art works!

anyways! thx for visiting my page!

Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317

i got also tumblr, pixiv, ourartcorner, ask me for the link.

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my bestest friends on DA or OAC:
:icondrgig: <---- my husbando!!! >u>
:iconarkenvoodai: <----- "panthy what are you doing here? e.e"
:iconskarrdwar: <---- germans for the win XD
:iconyintheshadow: <----- my classmate and a shadow ;3
:iconsmlart: <---- my yaoi-senpai e u e
:iconimoonart: <----- the most powerful fart masta i know...
:iconpoka-sorm:<----- the big booty lady e u e
:iconjamesofgoo: <----- the most perverted (not) browny i know XD
:iconchibihearts249: <----- seeeenpai!!
:iconasiskotsuro: <------ *pap* *pap*
:iconpc-doodle: <----- *hug atttacks*
:iconz0mb3xor: <----- my sinpai :u
:iconohanzeemansi: <----- aware of the sins---
:iconnecorodee1000: <------ the potato queen
:iconzheyzhey: <----- Memelady
:iconartskullz: <------ memelord
:iconbluerose09: <----- my rose >u>
:iconspacejacket: <------ all the swapfell butts!! >8U
:iconoma-chi: <----- sparkly animu queen >u>
:iconadlezaxel: <----- cosplay princess~
:iconskyriazeth: <----- sinner <u<
:iconsynistersyrup: <----- amazing voice actress <3

some inspirations for me and great artists that i have to remember!:
:iconwinddragon24: :icontheblazekagayaku: :icondansyron: :icontimelordjikan: :iconsorceressdream: :iconcakeindafridge:
:icontelemaniakk: :iconryky: :iconknkl: :iconblind-crow: :iconninjakato:
:iconjoodlez: :iconmarcellobarenghi: :iconcakeindafridge: :iconsakimichan: :iconkailyze: :icondragibuz:
:iconaerroscape: :iconmarkcrilley: :iconcat-meff: :iconisvoc: :iconthe-last-phantom:
:iconbenedickbana: :iconimoonart: :iconshrimpheby: :iconanivi: :iconemperpep:
:icongrypwolf: :iconrosuuri: :iconkodamacreative: :iconbleedman: :iconwilkart:
:icondragoon-rekka: :iconzeoarts: :icondigimitsu: :iconneoz7: :iconemmamarieward:
:iconel-grimlock: :iconmikeinel: :iconyuumei: :icongleamingly::iconalaiaorax:
:iconpoojipoo: :iconswarmcreator: :iconcrimsonskye013: :iconabiboge::iconerika-otto:
:iconnaschi: :icondae-thalin: :iconrittik-designs: :icongregor-kari::iconmaricaripan: :iconlongestdistance:

(more will come xD)
also currently i am very much in the Undertale hype heh hope u forgive me XD

Check our this epic remix my friend
:iconspookydove: made for me:
:iconrainbow-rplz: :iconrainbow-aplz: :iconrainbow-iplz: :iconrainbow-nplz: :iconrainbow-bplz: :iconrainbow-oplz: :iconrainbow-wplz: :iconrainbow-splz:


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Jun 27, 2017
2:26 am
Jun 26, 2017
8:45 pm
Jun 26, 2017
8:17 pm
Jun 26, 2017
3:36 pm


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